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We help land owners who…

Want to sell their land fast – usually within the next 2-4 weeks.
Are unable to physically be at their property to show potential buyers.
Have a sudden or unexpected life event.
Inherited land they have no use for.
Are moving away and no longer need their land.
Are dissolving a trust or estate.
Want to skip the real estate agent, listings or clean up.
Want to sell their land fast and not wait.

More people sell their land to us than any other ‘we buy land’ website.

More Offers

Our site connects you to 12 different land investors.

Easy Process

An experienced cash buyer can make the real estate transaction hassle-free.

100% Risk-Free

Close with a title company or attorney to take the risk out of selling your land. No fees, no spam from us.

Trusted by 21,477 other land owners.

A few succesfully completed purchases by our network of land investors… 

Real Reviews from Real People

This site was very helpful in selling my property

Eddie Gaynor

The website was as informative as it was easy to use. I am looking forward to possibly being contacted with 12 offers for my land for sale by only filling out a 3 minute questionnaire.

Sheila Jares

Simple process to get offers quick

Brian Jackson

I found the website informative ,easy to use, hopefully help in a potential sale of my vacant land to a legimate source.

Donna Sims

This site is pretty simple. I’m very happy with everything there doing. I’ll say they’re the best place on the planning that they sell my property.

Jeff Gates

It is alot less stressful than I thought through this site

Katherine Rogers Adlong

Very easy to use.

Rosalinda Naranjo

Great website very easy to use and its free!

Holly Dentry

The website was so easy to use. I like that the information posts to multiple investors versus having to do it individually.

Terri Baker

Extremely easy website to navigate. It’s also free so that helps keep advertising costs down.

Joe Hunter

Great to work with. Honest, direct, responsive and bottom line is we got the deal done!!

Jackie Todesco

Web site was easy to fill out

Diana Celani

Was super easy to use, fast easy to navigate.

Stephy B

simple and fast no bait and switch

James Alridge

Jackie Todesco
Jackie Todesco
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Great to work with. Honest, direct, responsive and bottom line is we got the deal done!!
Charley Schelhouse
Charley Schelhouse
Read More
Great resource here for both buyers and sellers. I would definitely recommend Sell the Land Now to anybody looking to get your for sale land in front of the right people
Eddie Gaynor
Eddie Gaynor
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The site was very helpful in selling my property.
J&A Cardoso Investments
J&A Cardoso Investments
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They provide excellent informative content in their website… I just listed my property there. I hope to receive good offers
Jason Wollbrink
Jason Wollbrink
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This was so easy to use! Just a few clicks and I had cash offers on my land coming into my email. I was able to sell my un-used land quick for cash!
phillip moody
phillip moody
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Love this website, easy to manuever, coveras all questions about the land that one has for sale! Just wating for a buyer!
Ken Macleod
Ken Macleod
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Quick and easy transaction. Straight forward buyer.
William Logan
William Logan
Read More
very quick and easy to sign up. Also very quick response.
P Kennedy
P Kennedy
Read More
Great, easy way to sell land

How it Works

Tell us about the land you want to sell

Fill out our quick form and tell us about the land you want to sell. 

We’ll send your property’s info to 12 different land investors

Your property’s information is automatically sent to our network of experienced land investors.

Land investors contact you directly

Each land investor will review your property and, if interested, contact you to make a cash offer.

Close with a title company or attorney for zero risk

No risk, no worries. Close like you would with a traditional buyer – just a lot faster.

We're the easiest and fastest way to sell land.

Real Estate Agent

Other ‘We Buy Land’ Sites

FAQ for Selling Your Land Online

Our network of land investors typically send its cash offers to buy your land through email. However, some like to send text messages or provide their offer over the phone. 

In most cases, the land investor you decide to work with will hire a title company or real estate attorney to handle the purchase and sale of your vacant land. This means that you will have a third-party working for you on your behalf.

The buyer’s money is sent to an escrow account where the title company (or real estate attorney in some states) which you can verify before signing any legal documents. By law this money has to be sent to you once you sign the appropriate paperwork. You can call the title company or real estate attorney at anytime to ask questions.

Typically, you will receive the money either as a paper check sent to you by FedEx or UPS or, if you choose, by wire transfer. 

Our network of land buyers help property owners sell land for cash. They do not need to wait months for loans from the bank. The transaction can be done in as little as a few days.

More commonly our land investors complete the transaction within 3 weeks.

Investors are looking to buy land at a discount in exchange for a fast sale.

This website connects propety owners to 12 individual land investors. Each investor will have a different opinion your property’s value. 

This website connects 12 different real estate investment companies from all across the US. Rarely do our land buyers meet property owners who want to sell land in person.

No. Many times, depending on the land buyer you want to work with, the buyer will offer to pay off all back taxes and liens on your property. Plus, many land buyers will also offer to pay closing costs. This means the cash offer to sell your land you see is the amount of cash you will receive.

Yes, it’s 100% legal (and easy) to sell your own vacant land without a real estate agent. Many times all that is required for you to sell your land is for you and other property owners (if any) to sign a few documents in the presence of a notary. Our network of experienced land buyers specialize in making the sale of vacant land easy and hassle-free. 

Our network of our land investors are interested in buying land that has road access and favorable attributes. Read more about the specific types of land buyers buy in this article here. 

After you complete our online form a notification is sent to our network of individual land investors. These investors will evaluate your property and, if interested, contact you directly. 

You should expect to be contacted by email and/or phone or text message if you provide your telephone number. 


Yes! We only share your property’s information with 12 different companies to help you sell your land fast. Most of the information we collect is freely available through public records. 

No. We’re not a company. We are a group of real estate investors who specialize in buying vacant land. We created this website to help land owners sell their land quickly.

It’s 100% free for property owners to submit their property’s information and sell their property on 

The marketing and upkeep of this website is funded by our network of Land Investors. 

Why trust us?

1. Zero-Risk Real Estate Transaction

Close with a title company or attorney - just like a traditional real estate transaction. The title company (or attorney) ensures you get your money for the sale of your property.

2. No Spam

We hate spam, too. Your property's information is only shared with our network of 12 land investors. We don't sell, rent or share your information with third parties.

3. No Fees

You never pay a fee to submit your property's information to

Our model is simple. 

We connect you to a dozen companies that buy land in one, easy-to-use website. There’s no need to fill out form after form on other ‘Sell Land Fast’ websites. Complete our quick and easy form and your property’s information is sent to 12 individual land investors. These land investors review your property and, if it meets their criteria, will email you a cash offer. You review the offers and choose which land investor you would like to work with.

7 (more) Reasons to Sell Your Land With Us

4. Get Cash Offers from Different Investors

Complete our form and your property's information is automatically sent to 12 different vacant land investors. You could get multiple cash offers for your land. You choose the land buying company you want to work with.

5. Get Offers Faster

There's no need to fill out dozens and dozens of forms from all those 'we buy land' websites. Our site connects you to 12 different land investors all at once.

6. We Buy All Types of Vacant Land

Each of our land investors have a different criteria on what type of vacant land properties they like to buy. Some buy properties under five thousand dollars. Others buy vacant land for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

7. Professional Land Buyers Make Selling Your Vacant Land Easy

Working with an experienced land investor means you can take the guesswork out of the selling land process.

8.Get a 'Base Line' Price for Vacant Land

Want to know what your vacant land would sell for 'right now'? Fill out our form and start getting cash offers for your land.

9. You Don't Need to Hire a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are expensive. And, there's no guarantee that they'll even sell your vacant land.

10. Sell Land Online, From the Comfort of Your Home

You don't have to physically travel to your vacant land property in order to sell it. Whether your property is across the street or across the country, you can sell your vacant land online to an experienced land investor.

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