Top 5 Free Websites to Sell Your Land Fast

Looking to sell your land fast?

Get your land in front of potenetial buyers in just a few minutes with these website. And…the best part…they’re all free!

#1. Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook Marketplace is a section of Facebook designed for individuals to buy and sell nearly anything.  

In its most recent update, Facebook Marketplace offers users to create listings specifically for selling and renting homes. 

However, there’s not a section specifically for vacant land.  

We recommend creating your Facebook Marketplace listing under the ‘Miscellaneous’ section.
One big draw back is Facebook requires photographs. 

So, if you’re saying ‘I need to sell my land fast’ you may not have time to visit your vacant land property to take photos.
Lastly, Facebook makes it easy for prospective buyers to contact you directly through the platform. If you’re selling a desirable vacant land property and an attractive price, be prepared to field several if not dozens of inquires per day.
Tip – Download the Facebook Messenger app on your phone to be able to respond to potential buyers quicker.


Hands down the best free real estate sales website is Zillow is specifically designed for real estate. 

Although, Zillow is focused on home sales and rentals. It’s not exclusive for vacant land. 

But, unlike Facebook Marketplace, you have the ability to create a listing that’s labeled vacant land.
One quirk to Zillow is that you have to ‘verify your listing.’  Makes sense, right? Zillow wants to ensure it’s sellers will respond to prospective buyers inquiries.
After you submit your listing on Zillow, you will receive an automated phone call asking to enter in the property’s zip code and asking price. Here’s the thing…you never know when you’ll receive this phone call.

Sometimes you’ll receive the call within a minute or two after you submit the listing, sometimes a few hours later and sometimes a whole day. And, if you don’t enter the zip code and asking price correctly, Zillow may not approve your listing.
Tip – Write down the property’s zip code and asking price on a piece of paper and put in your pocket. Be prepared to answer Zillow’s automated call.


Compared to Facebook Marketplace and, Craigslist is very accessible. You can create a listing within just a minute or two and you don’t need to sign up for an account.  

And, although it would help, you don’t even need photos of your vacant land. These are two big pluses if you are looking to sell your land fast.
It seems that Craigslist is more popular in some cities and towns versus others. It’s possible that your listing on Craigslist can be viewed by just a few dozen or so people. 

Not ideal if you’re looking to sell your land fast. But, hey, it just takes a few minutes to create your listing and it’s free!
Tip – Don’t post the same listing more than once or your post may be removed.



This website is one of those ‘we buy land’ websites that connects you to specialists that focus on buying vacant land as investments. 

Rather than advertising your vacant land to the general public, connects you to real estate investors that focus on buying vacant land.


What makes different than other ‘we buy land’ websites is that it connects you to multiple investors all at once. 

This saves you time and can help you sell your land faster rather than going to dozens of individual ‘we buy land’ websites that only connect you to one investor.


Posting your property on this website can get you cash offers in a matter of days (or even hours) as these investors are actively buying vacant land. And, many times the investor will handle the closing process from start to finish – making the transaction fast and easy. 

This is helpful if you (and your buyer) are unfamiliar with the real estate transaction process.


However, unlike ‘retail buyers’ who may be buying on emotion, investors look at the dollars and cents. 

Investors tend not to pay top-dollar (they investors) but can help you sell your land fast. If you’re saying ‘sell my land fast’ this may be an option to consider.

Tip: Time is money! Ask for a lower price in exchange for a quick and easy sale.



This website is dedicated solely to buying and selling vacant land. 

Like all the websites on our list, is free to create a listing to sell your vacant land. 

They do offer paid listings that can promote your property to more buyers. You’ll be reaching an audience that’s just looking for vacant land. 

That’s where you want to be if you’re looking to sell my land fast, right?

Tip: Create a free listing and then consider a paid listing.

One More Thing…

Before you take the time to create your free listings to sell your land fast be sure you have your property’s Parcel Number. 

The Parcel Number is a crucial piece of information your buyer will need to know to identify your property.

Click Here for a Step-by-Step Guide to Find Your Property’s Parcel Number.


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