Are Land Buying Companies Legit?

Thinking about selling your vacant land to a Land Buying Company?

Here are 3 tips on how to pick the right ‘We Buy Land’ company

  1. Contact more than one Land Buying Companies
  2. Get ’em on the phone
  3. Use a middleman to handle the transaction

If you’re looking to sell your land fast then you may want to sell your land to a professional land investor.

A land buying company can make selling your vacant land quick and easy.

Typically, a land investor can get you cash in your pocket in as little as 30 days.

1. Contact More than One Land Buying Company

Perhaps you have received letters in the mail offering to buy your vacant land. Save those letters and contact those land buying companies.

Do a quick internet search for ‘sell my land fast’ and contact 3-5 of the top websites you find.

And, fill out our form and tell us about the land you want to sell. We’ll send your property’s information to our network of 12 professional land buyers.

2. Get ’em on the Phone

You can tell a lot about a land buying company just by talking to them on the phone.

Heck, do they even answer their phone?

Here are some questions to ask your prospective land buying company…

  • Have you ever bought a property in the county where my vacant land is located?
  • Can you provide a reference from the title company or attorney you’ve worked with?
  • Tell me about the last purchase you did? How long did it take?

3. Use a Middleman to Handle the Transaction

Land Buying Companies typically buy their properties remotely.

This means the land investor you are working with may be based out of a different state than where you live or where your property is located in.

A ‘remote closing’ is very common in selling vacant land.

Check out our tips on how to safe when selling your land to someone you haven’t met in person….
Watch this video for tips to stay safe when selling land to somone you have never met in-person.

There are two types of ‘middlemen’ that a Land Buying Company would use to handle the purchase and sale of your vacant land…

A Title Company or Attorney

  • Typically used for purchases of $5,000 or more
  • They are legally obligated to make sure you get the proceeds from the sale
  • They prepare all the legal documents to ensure a correct transfer of ownership
  • You won’t get your funds until a few days after the ‘closing’ (unless you physically appear in an office)

A Notary Public

  • Will hand you a cashier’s check after you sign legal documents to sell your property
  • Typically used for purchases under $5,000

Whether the Land Buying Company you choose opts for a title company, attorney or notary public, it’s recommended that you don’t sign any legal documents to sell your property without ensuring funds are in place and ready to be sent to you.

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