I Received an Unsolicted Offer to Purchase My Land. What Now?

Nobody wakes up in the morning and says: “I hope I get some junk mail today!” 

But, here we are. You opened your mailbox and there sits a letter with a unsolicted offer to buy your vacant land.

You’ve never heard of the person or company that sent you a letter.

And, the letter says something vauge like: “I was searching the public records and found your property interesting…”

It’s kind of…odd.

At the very least, this unsolicited offer to buy your land is a quick reminder that you own something of value (that you are paying taxes on) and that someone out there wants to give you money for it.

Take a minute to consider – do you want to sell your land?

For some property owners the answer is a hard ‘no.’

These people may have grand plans for their vacant land. Or, may be actively using their land for camping, hunting or other recreation.

Other vacant land owners may be in a different situation.

They may have had a recent life event where they could use the extra cash.

Or, they simply are done with paying property taxes for a piece of property they no longer have a use for.

Consider this unsolicited letter as a reminder that you own vacant land that someone wants to buy.

Here are 5 ways to respond to this unsolicited offer…

1. Do Nothing

Pretty simple. Throw the letter away.

These land investors that send you these offers don’t want to waste their time and money sending you more and more mail.

2. Ask to be Removed from the List

If receiving these irk you then you can ask the person or company that sent you the letter to remove your information from their mailing list.

Check the letter for an email address or phone number.

Most of these letters will include some sort of reference number. Include that reference number when contacting the company. This will make it easier for the company to remove your mailing address from their marketing lists.

3. Ask the Property Appraiser to Hide Your Information

The land investor most likely got your mailing address from public records.

There are local government entities that maintain the list of all property owners for a given area for the purpose of collecting property taxes.

In most states, it’s the county (or parish) that’s responsible for assessing and collecting property taxes.

However, in some states, this is done at city or township level.

Check the property tax bill for your vacant land. Call the tax collector and ask if your mailing address can be hidden from the public records. You will want contact the property assessor (sometimes called propety appraiser) as well.

Here’s a how-to video on researching the property records to find your property’s information.

4. Call Them Back

Yes, you can safely sell your land to a land buying company you’ve never heard of.

Read our tips to sell your land online, without a real estate agent.

Most of these land investment companies are mom and pop outfits working out of their home office.

These investors can be a great resource to learn more about the value of your vacant land.

5. Get More Offers to Buy Your Land

If you’ve decided now is the time to sell your vacant land then consider filling out our form.

We’ll send your property’s information to 12 different land buyers. You could get a better cash offer than the one you received in the mail.

To reach even more potentital buyers check out our list of websites to sell your land for free.


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