Should You Sell Your Vacant Land to a Land Investor?

Considering hiring a real estate agent to help sell your vacant land? Before you sign a 6-month contract with an agent, consider selling your land to a land investor.


Situations where selling to a land investor may be the best move:

You Want Your Money Sooner than Later

According to data garnered from, it takes an average of 72 days or two-and-a-half months to sell a parcel of vacant land.

Some folks simply can’t wait that long to thier cash.

A land investor typically can get you your check for your land in 2-4 weeks.

You’re Busy

Boundry surveys? Soil samples? Wetland deliniations? Title searches?

What the heck does half of this stuff even mean? 

Not all of us are real estate pros. We have jobs, kids and other priorities in our busy lives.

Selling your vacant land to land investor can make the real estate transaction easy.

An experienced investor has done dozens (if not hundreds) of transactions.

Plus, many investors are willing to buy your land site unseen or without requiring you to pay for surveys, enviromental studies and the like.

(Plus, those things take time!)

Your Transaction is….Complicated

Did you inheirit your land?

Did you get divorced?

Is the propety in an estate or trust?

An experienced land investor can help navigate more complex real estate transactions.

And, some investors may be willing to sign a binding contract stating they will buy the property once the legal loose ends are wrapped up.

This can you give you confidence that, after all your effort and headache, you will sell be able to sell the property quickly.

Buyer (Seller) Beware: Not all investors are experienced.

Ask your prospective land investor buyer: “How many transactions have you done in the past six months?”

The answer to that questions can be very revealing.

Have they ever bought a property in your state? In your county?

If your property is in an HOA ask: “When was the last time you bought a lot that was in an HOA?”

Check out our article on how to pick the best land buying company for more tips.

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