3 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Cash Offer for Land

Cash is always a great form of payment. It is a concrete and definite fund you can put in your pocket. It doesn’t carry the same risks you would get when you sell a home using alternative financing methods like loans. There are many reasons someone would want to pay cash for land. For example, […]

4 Reasons Why NOT to Hire an Agent to Sell Vacant Land

should you hire a real estate agentsell vacant land fast

Think that you should hire a real estate agent to help you sell vacant land? Here are four reasons why not to list with an agent and sell your vacant land on your own. 1. Real Estate Agents are Really Expensive Real estate agents make their living on commission. The typical agent will charge a […]

5 Things Companies That Buy Land Look For In Land

Are you considering selling your vacant land to one of those companies that buy land or ‘we buy land’ websites? Here’s what they are looking for…   As one of the largest networks of companies that buy land, the team here at SellTheLandNow.com has received thousands of submissions from people looking to sell their land. […]

What Types of Land do ‘We Buy Land’ Websites Really Buy?

We’ve all seen those ‘We Buy Ugly Houses’ signs posted around town. But, what about those ‘We Buy Vacant Land’ companies on the internet? What types of vacant land properties do they buy? Here are the 3 Things ‘We Buy Land’ Companies Look for When Investing in Vacant Land… 1. Access – Can the Property […]

3 Reasons Why it can be Tough to Sell Land for Cash in 2023

It can be tough to find someone to buy vacant land…especially a buyer who is ready to pay cash for you land right now. As of late 2022, the real estate market is in somewhat of a slow down. There are less buyers then there were a few years ago.  And, inflation is lessining the […]

Is it Safe to Sell Land Online? Yes! 3 Reasons Why

It’s 100% safe and legal to sell land online. Stay protected and easily sell your land to someone or a company that you have never met in-person by following these 3 tips… Write a Purchase Agreement with a 30-day close. Hire a Title Company or Real Estate Attorney to oversee the transaction. Check that funds […]

Looking to Sell Vacant Land? 5 Questions to Help You Set a Price

Setting a price for a used car is pretty easy. You can use tools like Kelly Blue Book to determine a fair price. But, to sell vacant land? That can be a little trickier.  Questions to Ask to Set Your Asking Price to Sell Vacant Land How quickly do you want to sell? Are you […]