Should You Sell Your Vacant Land to a Land Investor?

Considering hiring a real estate agent to help sell your vacant land? Before you sign a 6-month contract with an agent, consider selling your land to a land investor.   Situations where selling to a land investor may be the best move: You Want Your Money Sooner than Later According to data garnered from, […]

How Fast Can You (Really) Get Cash For Your Vacant Land?

How fast can you really expect to get cash for your vacant land? Let’s walk through three example timelines ‘from contract to cash’… Same day – If you’re selling a lower priced property…under $3,000 for example 14-30 days – If you’re working with an experienced buyer like a professional land investor  30+ days – If […]

Are Land Buying Companies Legit?

Thinking about selling your vacant land to a Land Buying Company? Here are 3 tips on how to pick the right ‘We Buy Land’ company… If you’re looking to sell your land fast then you may want to sell your land to a professional land investor. A land buying company can make selling your vacant […]

4 Hidden Costs of Selling Vacant Land

Selling vacant land can involve these 4 hidden costs… Time Real estate agent commissions – 3-10% of the purchase price Surveys – $1,000-$10,000 Closing costs – $600-$2,000+ Let’s breakdown each of these hidden costs… 1. Time One of the biggest hidden costs in selling vacant land is your own time. It takes time to… Figure […]

I’m Selling Land. Do I Need a Lawyer?

Technically…you don’t need a lawyer when selling land. Real estate can be considered ‘sold’ when a deed transferring the property to its new owner is recorded with the appropriate government office. The ‘appropriate government office’ varies from state to state. Generally, these government offices are called Clerk of Court or Recorder of Deeds. In some […]

Sell Vacant Land Checklist – 3 Things You Need to Sell Your Land

sell my land checklist

Here at, our group of companies that buy land have helped thousand of property owners sell their land. We’ve used this real-world experience to compile our ‘Sell My Land Checklist.’ Here are the 3 Must-Have Pieces of Information You Need to Sell Vacant Land… Your Property’s Parcel Number The Legal Right to Sell Your […]

How To Sell Land By Owner in 5 (kinda) Easy Steps

Here at, our network of experienced land investors have sold thousands of vacant land properties by owner. We’ve used this experience to prepare our ‘How to Sell Land By Owner’ guide. In this guide you’ll learn the 5 steps the pros use to sell vacant land by owner… As the saying goes…”time is money.” […]

How Much Should You Sell Your Land For? 3 Tips to Price Land

Is it time to sell your vacant land? Use these three websites to help determine how much you should sell your land for. And…the best part is all of these websites are free! 1. Property Appraiser’s Website The first website to visit is the Property Appraiser’s website. Every piece of property in the US has […]

How to Sell Land Online and NOT Get SCAMMED

Selling land online is actually pretty easy and 100% safe…if you do it the right way. It all comes down to how you ‘close’ the transaction. Whether you meet your buyer in-person or online, stay protected and close the right way. Reasons Why to Sell Land Online…   There are Two Ways to Sell Your […]

Top 5 Free Websites to Sell Your Land Fast

Looking to sell your land fast? Get your land in front of potenetial buyers in just a few minutes with these website. And…the best part…they’re all free! #1. Facebook Marketplace Link: The Facebook Marketplace is a section of Facebook designed for individuals to buy and sell nearly anything. In its most recent update, Facebook Marketplace […]