8 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Vacant Land Quickly

Here at, our group of professional land buyers have helped thousands of vacant land owners sell their vacant land quickly.

In this article, we will give you the top mistakes that people tend to make when selling vacant land.

How to Sell Land Fast – 8 Mistakes to Avoid

1. Setting the Price Too High

Your vacant land’s asking price is the #1 determining factor on how fast you will sell your vacant land.

Think about this – if you set the price of your land to $10 wouldn’t you be able to sell it in a day?

Check out this article for tips on setting an asking price for your vacant land.

2. Not Trying the “We Buy Land” Websites

Selling your land to a professional real estate investor is surefire way to sell fast.

Why wouldn’t you take a few minutes and research ‘we buy land’ companies online?

A professional real estate investor can make the process of selling your vacant land quick and easy.

3. Not Picking Up the Phone, Answering Emails

Oh no…not another spam call about a car warranty!

But, when you are looking to sell your land quickly, missing a call from any prospective buyer can delay the process even more.

4. Being Unclear Who is on the Deed

It can really frustrating to go through the process of selling vacant land – marketing your property, finding a buyer, negotiating a price – only to find out you don’t have the legal right to sell your property.

It’s a waste of time and can scare off your buyer.

Help speed up the process of selling your land and uncover if there are any reasons you wouldn’t be legally able to sell on your own.

Pro Tip – Call a title company or attorney in the county where your vacant land is located and ask them what would be needed to sell your vacant land quickly.

5. Not Taking Quality Photos of Your Vacant Land

A must-have for selling vacant quickly is to advertise your land online.

To do this – you’ll want (need) quality marketing photographs of your property and the surrounding area.

But, what if you don’t live near your property or are otherwise unable to physically go walk your land? (See more below.)

6. Not Placing a For Sale Sign

If you’re not able to physically go to your property then consider hiring someone off of Craigslist or Facebook.

You can ask them to take photos and place a For Sale sign.

7. Only Accepting Full Cash Payment

If you’re looking to sell land fast then consider offering owner financing.

Owner financing is where you accept a smaller, upfront payment for your land and then the buyer pays off the remaining amount in monthly installments.

But, be aware, owner financing isn’t easy.

There’s much more paperwork involved in maintaining a mortgage versus an all-cash sale.

Plus, you’ll need to navigate some legal issues as well.

And, what happens if the buyer stops paying? Will you need to hire an attorney to legally foreclose on the buyer?

8. Hiring a Real Estate Agent

Most real estate agents aren’t experts at selling vacant land.

The vast majority of agents are trained to sell houses.

For vacant land properties valued under $50,000 consider selling your land by owner.

For more detail – check out this article where we cover the the 4 reasons why not to hire a real estate agent.

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