How to Find Your Property’s Parcel Number

One of the first steps for you to sell your vacant land is to gather basic information about the property you want to sell. Makes sense, right?

A Parcel Number is a number (sometimes with some letters) that is assigned to your property by the local government that is in charge of real estate taxes in your property’s area.

The most important piece of information you can know about the property you want to sell is the Parcel Number.

Different states use different terms for Parcel Number. Sometimes a Parcel Number is called an Assessor’s Parcel Number, Property ID Number and so on. For now…we’re just going to call it Parcel Number.

Every property you can think of has a Parcel Number. The place you live has a Parcel Number. The McDonald’s down the road has a Parcel Number. And, the vacant land you want to sell also has a Parcel Number.

A Parcel Number allows everyone – you, the person who wants to buy your land, the real estate agent, the title company, attorney – to know exactly what vacant land you are looking to sell.

If you want to sell your vacant land you should know your property’s Parcel Number. Here’s how to find it…

Step 1 – Find Out What County (or Township) Your Land is Located In

The job of keeping track of who owns what property and collecting taxes on that property is handled by local county governments.

These states – Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey – have local townships which handle property taxes. You’ll need to know exactly what government entity is in charge of assessing the value of your property.

If you’re not sure what county your property is located in then simply do an internet search for the closest city or town and then add the term “county.”

For example, let’s say you inherited a piece of vacant land in Hudson, Florida. A quick internet search for “husdon florida county” will tell you that Hudson Florida is located in Pasco County.

Step 2 – Do a Web Search for “(The County) Property Assessor” or “(County) Property Records”

Most counties nowadays make it easy to search online for your vacant land’s information. Each county has an office called Property Assessor. The job of the Property Assessor is to determine a dollar value for every property located within the county. Local governments use this value to determine the amount of property tax. Some states use the term Property Appraiser instead of Property Assessor.

Step 3 – On the website, look for a “Search Records” or “Find Property” button

Once you have found the county’s Property Assessor’s website look for a “Property Search” feature on the website. You’ll need to know some basic information about your vacant land in order to search for the property – things like owner name or street address.

Once you’ve identified your vacant land property on the Property Assessor’s website you should find a good amount of information about the property. Look for a Parcel Number – write that number down.

Other information that you may be able to find on the Property Assessor’s website includes –

  • The number of acres / size of the property
  •  Who owns the property (not made public in California)
  •  The assessed value
  •  A map of the property

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