Would Land Buyers Really Buy Your Vacant Land? Take the Quiz and Find Out!

Selling your vacant land to an experienced, professional land buyer is a quick and easy way to get cash for your property.

Our network of professional land investors at have paid cash for hundreds of vacant land properties over the years.

We’ve tracked the stats and came up with this quiz to help vacant land owners know if investors would really be interested in buying their property.

How Much Is Your Vacant Land Worth?

Our data shows that land buyers most frequently buy vacant land properties that are valued between $5,000 and $50,000.

When vacant land owners are looking to sell their land online to a land buyer they expect the investor to be able to purchase the property within a few days and for cash.

In order to offer a ‘quick cash’ purchase, investors are often buying a property without actually seeing the property in person.

The higher the property value the more risk investors are incurring.

How Big is the Property?

Vacant land properties that are 5 acres are larger get the most interest from land buyers.

We generally say ‘bigger is better!’ Our network of land buyers actively make cash offers for properties over 10 acres.

Is the Vacant Land Subject to Specific Zoning or Regulations?

Vacant land properties that are zoned for a very specific use can be a turnoff for some land buyers.

For example – a quarter acre lot in a subdivision where only a site-built house can be built limits what the buyer can do with the property.

The number of potential buyers for a single-family-only lot is relatively small because…well…you can only build a single family home on that property.

Broad zoning classifications like agricultural or recreational vacant land properties tend to generate more interest from land buyers.

What Kind of Road Access Does the Property Have?

If you’re looking sell your land online to an investor you may be surprised to find out that some land buyers buy vacant land with poor or even no road access!

Land buyers are interested in large, remote properties…even if they don’t have established legal access.

However, it’s a big plus if your vacant land property has a nicely paved road leading right to the property.

Some land buyers may pass on your property if your vacant land is located on a private (not maintained by local town or county).

What State is Your Vacant Land Located In?

Location, Location, Location…right? Our stats show there are ‘hot’ states for selling your land online.

Land buyers are looking to buy vacant land in ‘big’ states like Florida, Texas, Arizona and Colorado.

Smaller states like Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont tend to be not as attractive to land buyers.

How Motivated Are You to Sell?

At the end of day – when you’re selling your land a land buyer – it all comes down to the numbers.

Investors are buying vacant land as an investment.

And, they expect to able to make money on their investment.

In exchange for a discounted price, land investors offer to purchase the property quickly – usually within a few weeks.

If you’re not willing to offer a discounted price on your vacant land then perhaps selling your land online to an investor isn’t the best route for you.

You may want to hire a real estate agent to list your vacant land property on the traditional real estate market.

Before you do check out our article on Why Not to Hire a Real Estate Agent to Sell Vacant Land.

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